Employee (s)

They are the most complicated part of an organization, but strangely enough, most organizations pay no attention to trying to understand their employees. This is not just a pity, it is a disaster for business.

How happy, sad or sick an employee is, is a business priority and not a messy side issue. A fact is that happy healthier employees spend fewer hours away from their work and able to meet their project targets in real time. A proper health and alertness allow them to deliver services and work efficiency in less paid time. Another important correlation is the one among colleagues. The negative impact imposed by an unhappy or sick employee who continues to work and decreases the morale and causes other employees to become sick. This is again not just a pity, it is a disaster for business.

Sick employees require frequent temporary leaves that restrict them to perform well in their professional life. Paying the wages of sick employee costs on average € 230 per day. But employers also face indirect costs for replacement personnel, health and safety services, guidance and reintegration of a sick employee. If these costs are included, then absenteeism costs can rise further to € 400 per day and over (according to TNO calculations, 2017). So once again not just a pity, it is a disaster for business.

Effective management behavior

You have a contract with your people. A business and a moral contract.  If you do not act upon absenteeism your healthy employees will start to feel more pressure. They will start to compare their own presence and motivation to that of their absent colleagues. This triggers pessimism and demotivation.  As a result, your employee faces a dilemma: Small flu; – ‘work again this afternoon or tomorrow, ‘tomorrow will be fine’; – ‘date of recovery per Friday or Monday, ‘Monday it is. ‘Discussing or escalating problems’, ‘escalation it is’, by calling in sick!

If you see absence as a choice, as a behavior, it can be managed. An ideal organization also has an eye for the real potential of all employees and ensures that their work is well attuned to their talents. In a way, most people at work are just not in the right place (a major reason for calling in sick).

Therefore a better organization would start by analyzing what makes their employees choose when faced with a dilemma. Will they make choices that benefit the company or themselves? In short, the human aspect becomes more important in this age. Regrettably, modern companies are not yet able to meet these needs sufficiently.

Return OInvestments

MM&B’s knows from facts and personal experience how critical employee performance is to the overall success of the company. That’s why we have developed the Trickling Genes program. This program relieves your managers even more, but above all, it shows that you as an organization take care of your employees.

Trickling Genes program is meant for:

The employee who has not yet called in sick.
The employee who has already reported in sick.
♦ We are your eyes and ears during the reintegration process.

In addition, we also provide support in matching your employee (s) with the right tasks and/or improving team performances. Our vitality and health experts know how to break through ingrained habits.

The effect of our program is:

Cost reduction due to a better presence.
Cost reduction due to a better prevention plan.
Cost reduction due to better use of your employee (s) or team (s) skills.
♦ Higher productivity, higher customer service.
♦ A strong company image due to happier employees.

The problem is clear,
your loss too,
we have the solution,
So let’s connect and talk about how MM&B’s is going to tackle your problem.