Human Design System & Gene Keys



The Human Design System (HDS) describes the mechanics of the Maya with amazing accuracy and strongly emphasizes individuality and uniqueness. It provides a calculation, which highlights specific codes from the language of life that are the cornerstones of your uniqueness. It also provides a Bodygraph – a structured image of who you are, which is displayed in codes in a comprehensible and interrelated manner.

In the Bodygraph we look at your conscious and unconscious motives, at the genetic characteristics of your behavior and at your personality. The Bodygraph shows the inner workings of our current bio-form with nine centers. Each center is represented by a square, triangular or diamond-shaped areas within the chart. Each center represents a specific realm of experience: our feelings, thoughts, identity.

Centers can be defined (colored in) or undefined (left open). Defined and undefined centers have different roles. The themes of the centers affect one another and inform the way they function. The centers are subdivided into 64 partitions that represent gates.

The 64 gates correspond to the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching. Each gate number has a fixed location in the bodygraph. The gates are color-coded to match the color of the center that they are connected to.

Each gate is divided into six sub-sections called, lines. Two connecting lines from a center form a connection called channel. There are 36 channels.

Summary, the Bodygraph greatly facilitates seeing the connectedness and interrelatedness of our archetypal human attributes and their workings in our everyday experience.

64 Gene Keys

The 64 Gene Keys correspond to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, the 64 codons of our human DNA and the 64 Wisdom Keepers in this deck. This makes the 64 Gene Keys a synthesis of eons of sacred teachings. This system whose primary intention is to awaken your highest purpose in life produces a personalized map of your inner being. It shows you the archetypal patterns that block the natural manifestation of your Genius (Shadows), and how to transform these patterns into your Gifts. So rather than being a fixed set of blueprints or a Bodygraph, this profile (map) represents a great journey you are on in life – to unlock the latent higher capacities of your genius.

Summary, the 64 Gene Keys is a bridge between eastern and western alchemy, stretching through time all the way to our current scientific explorations of life, physics, and epigenetics. As the heart of a new universal synthesis, the Gene Keys is an expanding holographic language.


In this era of synthesis or the linking of different elements to a higher unity, we have discovered a vast web of interconnections within the universe. For some time now, we have known that your energy management (vibration frequency) draws in vibrations of the same level. If you have, a poor energy level, you can release yourself from negative vibrations. Consciously modifying your vibration frequencies is one of the key values of the Trickling Genes program. In order to provide you with a good and complete ‘user’ manual, our coaches combine information from different systems or bodygraphs to one profile, a compass to a better you.